About Us


We strongly believe in representing Indian Milestones to world.

Mr Mukesh Patel is an Architect by profession and has been working for international projects. With 10 years of rich experience in Industry, We have also build a team of good International experienced Interior designer, Granite marble fixers, skilled personnel to enhance the product sold under one roof of The Patel Granites.

About Patel Granite

Patel Granite Is an Established Company since 2005 in Granite Industry. Active on Pan India Level also internationally have represented Indian Granite & Stones. Have a strong list of client which has upgrade the vision of taking further steps to strengthen a name in Industry.

We also are proud to mention that we have worked for international projects of Granite fitting with 200+ skilled labours. We have a manpower which can be provided on pan India level for Granite fitting which is a value added service we provide with Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tiles and river stone supply.

Patel Granite has an expertise manpower which have an in-depth knowledge of Granite and marbles, which can help our client to choose an appropriate and best Granite for their work to be done. Depending on the location and the designing.

Hereby would mention that other than supply of raw material, Patel Granites are also providing services like as follow

  • Architectural Service
  • Interior Designing
  • Corporate offices
  • Home decor
  • Internal and external designing
  • Granite fixing (with international technique)
  • Cover top (with Guarantee)